Thursday, 25 February 2010

No Trend - Too Many Humans

No Trend were a rather infamous punk band from Maryland that were active for six years or so during the 80s. They really pissed people off. Too Many Humans is swathed in compelling, unabashed misanthropic disdain. Consider every aspect of your life as a functioning member of society; No Trend were disgusted by them all. They are similar to Flipper, both thematically and in sound, but they are faster, and well, more pissed off. While for Flipper there is occasional light in the bleak tunnel of life, for No Trend there is no end to the pitch black and cold abyss of everyday reality. With snotty as fuck vocals, messy guitar and severely delightful bass lines, No Trend put into song all those nagging antisocial thoughts about the world that you have been hiding in the back of your mind. So the next time you feel as if you despise everything and everyone around you, listen to Too Many Humans and realise you're no fucking better.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Brainbombs - Burning Hell

Ugly music. Ugly sounds made by Swedish freaks. This band could be considered citizen zero for a lot of bands that've gained popularity in the recent spate of noise punk. Released in 1992, presenting an aural lineage of sorts that you can track to bands like Homostupids, Pissed Jeans and the like. This record is really fucking foul sounding. This is what Flipper would have sounded like had they grown up in icy Sweden, swilling greasy moonshine and getting kicked out of home at age 15; angrier, uglier and with a lot less ironic skullfuckery.


Fungi Girls - Psilo Demo

Well-crafted garage rock with shoegaze leanings from a bunch of highschool kids in some tiny town in Texas. The kind of doped out pop music that you just assume came from a dusty basement with only one small window. This rules and it's probably better than whatever boring lo-fi pop you're listening to right now. These young musicians are obviously like sponges at this ripe age. Influences are evident, but their songs are not imitative; they are the masters of their own domain. This demo was self-released, but they have a 12" out on Play Pinball! Records and a bunch of 7"s coming out soon. Buy their shit, so that they can put away money for college.

Upsidedown Cross - s/t

Awesome sludgey stoner riffs accompanied by heretical lyrics concerning burning witches at the stake and killing for Satan make for really good music to bang to. Who would've guessed? Oh yeah, me. J Mascis on drums, and vocals that sound suspiciously like Gollum being tortured in Barad-dur. Jesus was a fake. Murder is forever. Redrum forever more.

Mayyors - Deads EP

Easily the best band right now with a superfluous consonant. Mayyors churn out chugging, noisy as fuck songs that are catchier than you'd like to admit. Crude, savage, repetitive vocals are a driving force that is grounded by the simple drums, and intensified by the cavernous, guttural bass and the chaotic, often delayed guitar, which takes you blindly, but willingly into other dimensions, drenched with relentless and unstoppable collisions. You'll like it, trust me.

Drunk Elk - s/t tape

Completely creeped-out, psychedelic lo-fo downer pop from Tasmania. I read a news report about the water down there being contaminated and I think the freaks behind Drunk Elk are the first casualty. Spooky, nostalgic dracula-esque synths and catchy basslines. This might be what Syd Barret would have listened to if he was in Thomas Hutter's place, riding the horse-drawn cart to Orlok's castle amongst bleak sepia pine forests and decaying castle remains.


(link courtesy of inverted crux)

Monday, 15 February 2010

The Traditional Fools - s/t

Good time rock n' roll put through a static-haze of booze, weed and feedback. Take some early Beatles records, leave them in the sun for a while, kick some beach sand in their face, spill a beer, kick it under your housemates bed for a week and you may get this record. The soundtrack for your next sexual experience/streetside longneck/inner city stoner oddyssey.


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