Saturday, 1 May 2010

Wind Waker - s/t EP

This is the debut recording for Perth's dexterous youths Wind Waker, who have risen ever so triumphantly from the ashes of The Blow-Up. I was blown away when I heard this for the first time and it's easily one of the best records I've heard thus far this year. They are quite frankly masterful when they play live, and their combined precision translates gloriously to recording. Clancey howls and trills about the flaws of others, swiftly thumbing away at her guitar with addictive patterns that change when you least expect them to. Wil is just retarded (-ly adept) at bass and at complementing his lady friend's guitar work. Unfortunately the drummer on this record, Louis III, is no longer with the band (that honour goes to Ringham of Taco Leg/Whalehammer/a-million-other-bands fame). Regardless, his fluent and seemingly effortless playing fits in with the other sounds perfectly. Wind Waker are like one of those jigsaw puzzles with the irregular-shaped pieces. I'm not sure quite how they manage to fit together to create what we're left with - a flawless, structured record that speaks of inexhaustible talents.

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