Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Dry-Rot - Permission 7"

Dry-Rot are a hardcore punk band from southern California that play noisy, ugly songs. I like to think of their sound as a mix between Void and something like the Jesus Lizard. They've built up a pretty controversial reputation, due in no small part to the Christian beliefs held by the members of the group, as well as their alienating and violent live shows (the band broke up a year or so ago when guitarist Jordan poured a bottle of bleach over vocalist Drew's head in the middle of a set, but they've since reformed, don't worry). There need to be more bands like Dry-Rot in this age of myspace accounts and disposable internet personalities (the irony of typing this on an online blog isn't lost on me). Permission contains what I'd say is the bands best material, sounding like latter-day Void (the song Permission almost directly appropriates the song structure of Ignorant People from the Faith split), definitely an emphasis on the 'loud and slow' dynamics employed by a lot of 'weird' hardcore bands nowadays. There's a really weird droning indie rock tune to close off the EP as well (this style was explored to a bizarre extent on the Lumberyard EP, and is developed into a sound more fitting the band's Touch n Go style on their new LP, Philistine). I could write pages about how every facet of this band's identity intrigues me but I'll cut it short; download this and check out everything the band has done, they are one of the most important hardcore punk bands playing music today and their records are more than worthy of your hard earned Benjamins.


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