Sunday, 21 March 2010

Teenage Panzerkorps - Knut Hamsun

Since forming in 2001, members of the Teenage Panzerkorps (Der TPK) gather every now and then, from the far reaches of the planet, to record short, fuzzy lo-fi songs for your listening pleasure. They're less about pop songs than they are about extremely pleasurable drones. That being said, this EP on Captured Tracks is probably more about actual songs than their previous releases. Three songs, around six minutes of languid tunes that wouldn't have gone astray in the 80s. Plus, who doesn't love a German vocalist with a cavernous voice speaking over music that sounds familiar somehow and makes you reach for the recliner lever on your La-Z-Boy.


  1. it's as if you post just for me.


  3. Hallo mein hausfrau's

    Update your god-damn blog, just recently discovered it like, 'ave thoroughly trawled through your backposts and now sittin' back, chillin' waiting for some more entertainment.

    Good work so far but short of death (if in which case r.i.p.) it would be a crying shame to be left forgotten.