Saturday, 20 March 2010

Snuff Film - s/t CS

It makes me hugely sad to think that I was (and still am) on the other side of the planet when Snuff Film played their one and only show, and that this is the only release they'll ever bestow upon their loving public. Snuff Film is a collaboration between Ecoli and Migraine, two quality bands from the Bay Area. I prefer this to either band. Hell, I prefer this to anything. When they play fast it's frenzied and ripping as fuck, it sounds real chaotic but it's all very precise and it wouldn't surprise me if they were perfectionists. When they play slow it's gut-wrenching, like the whole world is being pulled apart seam by seam, or at least your insides. The songs are called The Actor, Subject, Director, Camera Man and Producer and they're about as obscene and as demanding of your attention as I imagine the set of a snuff film to be. I guess this is a concept cassette? I find this tape very sexy in a filthy and abrasive kind of way. I think you might still be able to get a copy from Drone Errant.


  1. Don't worry, they still haven't played their one and only show yet. Actually, I'm not sure if they ever will.

  2. as a side note, drone errant's supposed tape distro is a scam. he's ripped off many people.